In reverential surrender to our Lineage ( श्री विद्या परम्परा ), the teachers who came before us in the form of enlightened Sages, Rishis, Yogis, Mystics, Seers, Householders, and Scholars; transforming our consciousness with spiritual transmission obtained from their first-hand experiences. Shining the light of wisdom bereft of beliefs, commandments, dogma, or limitations, they lead us beyond Maya to the freedom of Oneness.


Borne of Vedic, Yogic, and Tantric traditions in the Sri Vidya Parampara, the ancient, auspicious Wisdom of our lineage is preserved today as it was first revealed thousands of years ago in ancient India. Passed down orally from teacher to student over the millennia, without interruption, the complete knowledge, practices and initiations of Sri Vidya has been transmitted to few individuals.

Today this most venerable science, its practices and initiations are revealed to earnest and humble seekers yearning to gain true Self-understanding, sustained contentment, and enlightenment, here in this lifetime.

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