Paul Da Silva:

Paul DaSilva is one of Southern California’s leading certified yoga instructors with three decades of practice and eighteen years of teaching experience. He served as a senior teacher and teacher trainer for Yogaworks in Orange County.

His mentors and influences are well known in the yoga world: Tim Miller, Ana Forrest, Doug Swenson, David Williams, Dharma Mitra. His style is fluid and graceful with a teaching emphasis on subtle asana refinement.

“One of my greatest joys is holding a nurturing space for people to develop a life long yoga practice.”

Ashtanga Primary Series Tim Miller 1998 Advanced Teacher Training Ana Forrest 2000 Yoga WorksTeacher Training 200 Hour and 300 Hour 2006.  

Multiple Extended Workshops: David Williams, Doug and David Swenson, Richard Freedman, Dharma Mittra, Chuck Miller, Matti Ezrahty, Lisa Walford.  

YogaWorks instructor, All levels,18 Years. YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, Mentor in advanced 300 Hour Program. 

YogaWorks Led Teacher Training, 200 Hour, Directed Pranayama Section. 

Equinox Instructor, All levels 19 Years, Current. YogaShakti, All levels, Current. Oh Yoga, All levels, 3 years  

Workshops and Retreats: Mexico, California, Alaska

Level 2:

These classes offer a dynamic vinyasa flow to students who are ready to deepen their practice and increase their stamina. With a greater cardiovascular element, we build internal heat and offer a challenge to students who possess a grasp of the basics. Students will be introduced to poses requiring greater strength, flexibility, stamina and focus. These classes are fun yet challenging, leaving your body sweaty and your spirit energized.