Samantha Gutierrez:

Samantha is a dedicated yoga practitioner who embarked on the transformative journey of teaching after graduating from Yoga Shakti’s 200hr teacher training in 2014. Subsequently she completed her 500 hour, Prenatal, and Advanced Shakti teacher trainings with the studio.  Guided by the philosophy of embracing one’s unique journey, Samantha encourages students to move at their own pace and emphasizes the power of reconnecting with the breath. Her classes are in the Hatha Vinyasa style and options to level up or add more support are offered in order to tailor the practice to the student’s needs. Samantha’s classes often include pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation.

Samantha recognizes yoga as much more than a physical exercise and shares the practice in this way with her students. She has experienced yoga to be a gateway to the present moment, a means to self-discovery, and a pathway to spiritual connection. Samantha has a friendly and warm demeanor and she will always welcome you with a smile. She intends for students to leave her classes feeling relaxed, refreshed, open-hearted, and clear-minded. Samantha’s hobbies include hiking, camping, singing, kirtan, and spending time with family and friends.

Rise, Shine and Flow:

Start your day with an invigorating class that is centered around Surya Namaskar. This ancient practice is traditionally done in the morning, guided by mantra, to connect the practitioner to the energizing power of Surya (the Sun). 

Following this moving meditation, class will wind down with stretching, restorative poses, and savasana. The class will conclude with the unifying call and response of an ancient mantra. Join us for this revitalizing morning ritual!