Jonah Montes:

Meet Jonah, a yoga instructor with a heart full of passion for teaching since 2014. Jonah’s professional journey in yoga is marked by a 200-hour certification from Be the Change Yoga and an advanced 500-hour certification from Yoga Shakti. Specializing primarily in Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing, Jonah has a unique talent for guiding students from beginner to advanced towards tranquility and rejuvenation.

Jonah holds a firm belief that yoga is for everyone - an inclusive practice that welcomes all ages, experiences, and fitness levels. Those who attend Jonah's classes are led to a serene state of mind, encouraged to feel grounded in the now, and to find a harmonious balance within themselves.

Off the mat, Jonah is an enthusiastic home baker and party planner, bringing the same level of creativity and joy to these pursuits as to yoga. With a particular fondness for Halloween and a knack for decoration, Jonah infuses life into every celebration. Jonah's classes are not just about the poses; they are an invitation to celebrate life with balance, peace, and happiness.

Level 1:

Perfect for students who are new to yoga, or for experienced yogis who would like a lighter practice with an emphasis on the basics. We will work toward strengthening the entire body while increasing overall flexibility and stamina. This all-inclusive practice is designed to nurture your entire body, leading to deep relaxation.