Chris Henry:

Chris Henry is an esteemed Yoga instructor who has completed 500-hours of training since embarking on his journey in 2010. He has since been deeply inspired by the remarkable impact it has had on himself, individuals within his family, and our local and global communities. Recognizing the multitude of health and wellness benefits associated with yoga, Chris has embraced it as an integral part of his life as a student and teacher. Chris’s unique teaching style harmoniously anchors the principles of Power Vinyasa and Vini-yoga.

Drawing from personal experiences, including injuries sustained during his collegiate athletic career, and the everyday stresses inherent in the human condition, Chris attests to the efficacy of yoga in fostering a profound connection between the body and mind, and used ultimately as a transformational tool.

With a primary focus on the quality of breath, Chris guides his students towards a deeper understanding of themselves as a whole being. By doing this he enables the individual to effectively discern their current physical, mental and emotional states, while encouraging the release of burdens that no longer serve the Bodymind, to connect more deeply with their own true subtle nature. Chris extends an open invitation to all practitioners to meet themselves exactly where they are on their journey, and honor their bodies as they approach the life-changing practice of Yoga!

All-Levels Flow:

All Levels Flow A well-rounded practice that offers plenty of modifications, ranging from beginning variations to advanced. Within each class there are options for poses and sequences, so that each student feels appropriately challenged, and everyone, regardless of experience, will build strength, flexibility, mobility, and feel more centered and relaxed.